Hand made products made by us in the USA!
  • FACE MASK -- Lady Bugs


    •   Finished masks are 14" across with stretch!
    • Child Masks are 12-1/2" across with stretch!

    • PROTECT against dust, pollens:    Double or Triple Layered design for extra safety vs urban pollution, dust particles, smog weather, Spring pollen allergies.
    • FASHION Handmade by me, DARLENE from 100% premium cotton: 
      • BREATHABILITY and Easy to use: Folds expand over nose and chin; easy mounting with stretchy, elastic ear loops.
      • COMFORTABLE and REUSABLE: Extra soft and gentle touch for my face; Hand Washable and Reusable, easy and fast care.
      • PERFECT GIFT: For: family, friends and colleagues.  

      Instructions for use: 
      Place mask over mouth and nose and ear-loop around each ear. 
      Pull the bottom of mask under the chin and mold upper part around the nose - now mask will cover the face from nose to underneath the chin. 


      Adult: 14" x 5"

      Child: 12" 5"

      100% Premium Cotton cool pattern. 
      Stabilizer  (in tripple layer)
      Elastic for ear mounting. 

     Hand Washable, Reusable